Week 3 | Classmate Conversation: Obed Martinez

In our third week of class, I met Obed Martinez who is a 2nd year student at CSULB. For now, his major is undeclared but he is considering a major in human development or getting into the psychology field.

Obed currently lives in Lakewood, where he also went to high school. He also works at a Five Guys in Lakewood. I found that really cool because I also lived and grew up in Lakewood until I moved to Los Alamitos my junior year of high school! Obed did not play any sports in school but he plays soccer or basketball at the park with friends.

Obed is taking Art 110 to fulfill a general education requirement. Obed thinks that he isn’t very good at making art and instead appreciates others with artistic ability. I asked him what his favorite color was and he said red, which is also my favorite color! To him, he said the color brings up the emotions of rage and anger like the bulls in Spain.

Obed is an awesome guy and it was cool to meet someone who also grew up in Lakewood because I have so many memories of living there!



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