Week 2 | Classmate Conversation: Maria Romo

This week I met Maria Romo, a first-year college student who graduated from Warren High School in Downey. While she was a senior in high school, she applied to all of the Cal State universities in the area and also to a few UC schools. Maria narrowed it down to Mount Saint Mary’s University and CSULB and eventually decided that she wanted to attend CSULB.

Maria is currently majoring in psychology but has come to a realization that she is no longer interested in the subject. Maria is considering switching to a communications major with a minor in political science because she is a good public speaker. When I asked her where she saw herself in 5 years, she said that she wanted to be a lobbyist working for a company.

Another thing that I found was really cool about Maria is that we both like the same shows. We are both fans of the shows Supernatural and Sherlock, and we talked about our favorite episodes. I also asked Maria if she had any pets and she said that she has always wanted one but her mom won’t allow a pet in the house.

Maria is a really awesome person and I am glad to have met her this week!

Maria Romo! Also peep Miriam Nyback photobombing us…she was my last week’s classmate convo!

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