Week 1 | Art Experience: Plaster Casting

Today I picked up Miriam from the dorms and we headed to Seal Beach to do the plaster casting activity. As we were reading the instructions, we thought the activity was going to be difficult but we decided to just dive into it and give it a go. We both took turns helping each other out and started with my mold first. We started by digging a hole until we realized the sand wasn’t wet enough, so we moved closer to the water. I stuck my hand in the hole and Miriam filled it up with sand. I could feel, however, that the sand wasn’t exactly “molding” around my hand, so she poured just a bit of water into the hole. The most difficult part about the activity was trying to remove my hand gently out of the sand without breaking the mold. After successfully removing my hand, I mixed up the plaster in my bucket and carefully poured it into the sand. After waiting 30 minutes, I started digging around the plaster and carefully removed it from the sand. At first I was concerned about how the the plaster sculpture would turn out, but I think the best part about the project was the unpredictability of the result. When I was digging my sculpture out of the sand, it was sort of like opening a wrapped present–I didn’t know what I was going to get! My sculpture didn’t exactly look like my hand because the fingers came out a little stubby but I still think it looked awesome. Just because it didn’t exactly look like my hand, doesn’t mean I wasn’t successful in making a piece of art. The sculpture had a unique shape and when you look at it it makes you wonder, “Is that a hand?..Or maybe a foot?…Hmmm.” The fact that you can’t really make out what my sculpture is is the best part. My piece allows you to think and use your imagination to fill in the blanks. In my opinion, there is no such thing as standards when it comes to art or a piece of “perfect” art. Even when the result isn’t what you expect it to be, it can still impress you.


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