Week 1 | Classmate Conversation: Miriam Nai Nyback

This first week of class I met and talked with Miriam Nai Nyback. One of the first things I noticed about Miriam was the Chinese symbol tattoo on her ankle, which she told me translates to “strength.” Miriam is 20-year-old img_8195international student from Norway who is in her second year of college at Cal State Long Beach. After graduating high school at age 18, Miriam decided that she wanted to pursue a higher education in America to earn a degree in Film. Before moving to America, she took a gap year to work and save up money for college. Miriam chose to apply to CSULB to get involved in the “all-American” college experience of social activities, events, and Greek life. She enjoys living in a dorm with her roommate and has made lots of new friends since her start at CSULB two years ago. Miriam is a social girl and has an awesome personality that makes it easy for her to make new friends. Miriam flew all the way from Norway to start a new chapter of her life in an entirely different country to pursue a higher education and to meet new people. To me that shows a great deal of strength, just like what her Chinese ankle tattoo symbolizes.


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